The Empty Dollis Valley Estate

Posted on 3rd March 2023 by FilmFixer

Nestled in the borough of Barnet, the Dollis Valley Estate stands as a testament to the evolution of urban communities in North London. Situated in the Mill Hill East area of Barnet, was initially constructed in the 1950s and 1960s to address the pressing housing needs following World War II. The estate was part of a broader effort to provide affordable and accessible housing to a growing population.


Architecturally, the Dollis Valley Estate reflects the design principles of the time, characterized by a mix of low-rise and high-rise buildings. The estate’s layout was carefully planned to maximize green spaces and create a sense of community. Its design was influenced by the modernist movement, with an emphasis on functionality and simplicity. The architecture stands as a historical snapshot, showcasing the evolution of housing in post-war Britain.



Like many urban developments, the Dollis Valley Estate has faced challenges over the years. Economic fluctuations, changes in demographics, and the aging of infrastructure have necessitated revitalization efforts. The estate has been a focal point for regeneration projects aimed at improving living conditions and preserving the historical character of the area.




There is a range of garages and a large grass area to the rear of the estate as well as sizeable car parking areas. There are currently vacant properties in the two and three-storey houses and five-storey blocks of flats and maisonettes, which can be used for filming.