I Hate Suzie

FilmFixer London boroughs feature in series 2 of Sky’s hit ‘I Hate Suzie’ with Billie Piper. The production filmed in […]

Posted on 22nd December 2022 by FilmFixer

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FilmFixer boroughs across London were used for the new ITVX drama ‘Riches’. Croydon, Camden, Islington, Barnet, Kingston, Southwark, Kensington & […]

Posted on 16th December 2022 by FilmFixer

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The Crown Series 5

FilmFixer locations across London feature in series five of The Crown. Netflix’s smash hit series sees the royal saga move […]

Posted on 10th November 2022 by FilmFixer

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The popular Channel 4 series ‘Hunted’ sees ordinary people attempt to go off grid and evade an expert team of […]

Posted on 16th August 2022 by FilmFixer

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Award winning Atlanta shoots in London

FilmFixer played its part in facilitating the London leg of filming for the fourth and final season of the US […]

Posted on 25th July 2022 by FilmFixer

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‘Pistol’ on Disney+ is the story of a band of spotty noisy working-class kids with “no future” who shook the […]

Posted on 30th May 2022 by FilmFixer

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Spotlight on Barnet

Barnet is committed to bringing more productions to the borough and is keen to support shoots of any scale. In […]

Posted on 17th February 2022 by FilmFixer

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Ragdoll, from the producers of Killing Eve

‘Ragdoll’ is the grisly serial killer drama from the producers of ‘Killing Eve,’ and FilmFixer locations across London are at […]

Posted on 7th January 2022 by FilmFixer

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Boxing Day

Aml Ameen’s new festive meet-the-family feature ‘Boxing Day’ takes a leaf out of the Richard Curtis feelgood RomCom playbook, with […]

Posted on 10th December 2021 by FilmFixer

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